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November 8, 2019
MTA New York City Transit Sends Letter to NYC Dept. of Buildings Regarding Brooklyn Retaining Walls
NYC Transit Has Legal Responsibility to Maintain Wall, Recommends Dept. of Buildings Immediately Rescind Violations Issued to Homeowners

MTA New York City Transit issued a letter to the NYC Department of Buildings today recommending that the Department rescind notices of violation issued to certain Brooklyn homeowners recently.

In recent days, the NYC Department of Buildings issued notices of violation to Brooklyn homeowners who live adjacent to open-air tracks along the B SubwayQ Subway and N Subway lines in Brooklyn, stating that they were responsible for providing documentation that they have performed maintenance on the retaining walls between their homes and the subway’s right-of-way.

NYC Transit in its letter today confirms that the maintenance of the retaining walls are the MTA’s responsibility, and is done on a regular basis to ensure the safety of thousands of people who ride the B Subway, Q Subway and N Subway lines every day.

“Our view is that the notices of violation that have been issued to homeowners should be rescinded, with appropriate notification to the homeowners,” states the letter signed by the Acting General Counsel of NYC Transit, David Farber.

NYC Transit conducts retaining wall inspections at least once a year, and any major defects may also be visible during weekly track inspections.

A copy of the letter is at this link.