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May 4, 2007
NYC Transit to Lift Safety Stand Down Track Work to Resume

Normal scheduled maintenance and capital construction work along the NYC Transit subway right-of-way will resume on Friday, May 4th at 8:00 am, following a 4-day, 8 hour suspension announced NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr.

Work was suspended on Sunday, April 29th, following the death of Track Worker Marvin Franklin, 55, a 22-year veteran employee who was struck and killed by a Queens-bound G train at the Hoyt - Schermerhorn Street Station in Downtown Brooklyn. Franklin's death came five days after the death of fellow Track Worker Daniel Boggs, who was struck by a 3 train near the 59th Street - Columbus Circle station on April 24th.

During the stand down, 18 separate scheduled maintenance and capital construction projects on 12 subway lines were suspended. The only work allowed to continue on the tracks during this period were emergency repairs and track inspections, and that was done under full flagging rules -- the maximum amount of protection provided. While work was suspended, Maintenance of Way (MOW) workers were retrained on all elements of track safety, flagging requirements and the appropriate rules and regulations that govern working along the right of way. Additional retraining of some Signal and In-House Construction Company employees remains, and those employees will not be allowed back on to the tracks until that training is completed.

In addition to MOW personnel, employees in other divisions of the Department of Subways also took part in the safety stand down. Mechanics and Road Car Inspectors from the Division of Car Equipment, as well as Train Operators, Conductors and Tower Operators from Rapid Transit Operations also received the appropriate retraining for their respective jobs. In addition, Maintainers, Cleaners, Mechanics and other Staten Island Railroad employees also took part in the safety stand down retraining.

While normal scheduled track and other infrastructure work resumes, the Board of Inquiry investigations into the deaths of Track Worker Daniel Boggs and Track Worker Marvin Franklin continue, as do the discussions between NYC Transit and Transport Workers Union Local 100 on ways to improve current safety rules and regulations.