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Press Release
January 13, 2008
NYC Transit Prepares for first Winter Storm Full Rush Hour Service Planned

Due to the forecast of a snow event, which could bring between 5 and 7 inches of snow to the metropolitan area, New York City Transit will preposition de-icing equipment along several outdoor lines including the Dyre Avenue #5 line in the Bronx, the Rockaway section of Queens as well as segments of Brooklyn's Brighton B and Q lines, Franklin Avenue Shuttle, Sea Beach N and West End D and M lines.

The specially built de-icing trains are equipped with ice scrapers and de-icing fluids to keep the third rail clear of ice build up. In addition, NYC Transit will deploy Snow Thrower and Snow Blower equipment as necessary, depending on conditions around the system. Overnight, subway trains will be stored underground.

"Our equipment is manned and ready to go," said Steven A. Feil, Sr. Vice President of Subways at NYC Transit. "In addition, we are assigning track and signal personnel to report to strategic locations to insure that switch heaters, switches and signals are working properly. Our goal is to provide as close to normal morning rush hour service as possible." Additional personnel will also be stationed throughout the system to keep outdoor platforms and station steps shoveled and salted; managers have been told to report early was well.

Bus Operations are also gearing up for the storm, preparing to deploy depot based Snow Fighters to clear bus routes, particularly those that operate on hills, and bus stops if necessary. For additional traction, tire chains will be placed on articulated and 40-foot buses slated for local service across the five boroughs. "We'll be monitoring the weather and adjusting service as needed," said Joseph Smith, Sr. Vice President of Buses. "Throughout the storm and its aftermath we'll be coordinating with the Department of Sanitation about road conditions and making sure the service we have out is running as smoothly as possible given the weather," added Smith.

Due to the slippery conditions, riders should give themselves extra time and take precaution when boarding and alighting in bus stops or walking on station stairs and platforms.

Riders can check on weather related subway or bus delays before leaving home by logging on to and clicking on posted Weather Alert information. NYC Transit Service and Weather Alerts can also be viewed on NYC Transit's TripPlanner On the Go! by logging on to from any web enabled smart phone or PDA.