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April 29, 2007
NYC Transit Statement on Track Worker Accident at Hoty-Schermerhorn Station. Maintenance Safety Stand-Down Ordered

At approximately 4:06 p.m. two MTA NYC Transit Track Workers were struck by a Queens bound G train as it entered the Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station in Downtown Brooklyn, killing one and seriously injuring the other announced Elliot G. Sander, Executive Director and CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Howard H. Roberts Jr., President, NYC Transit during a press conference at the station Sunday evening.

Track Worker Marvin Franklin, 55, a veteran employee with more than 20 years experience died in this afternoon's incident, while Jeff Hill, 41 and a Track Worker since 2005 was injured and taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment of his injuries. Franklin and Hill were doing routine track work in the vicinity of the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station when they were struck. G service between Brooklyn and Queens was suspended following the accident and resumed at 7:42 p.m.

"I have directed NYC Transit President Howard Roberts to do whatever is necessary to prevent a repetition of this tragic event," said Sander who added, "We are working collaboratively with President Roger Toussaint and the Transport Workers Union Local 100 in this regard."

"I have ordered an immediate stand down of all Maintenance of Way work involving track, signal, power and infrastructure workers for the foreseeable future," said Roberts. "The only people on the tracks for the next 12 hours are those needed to complete work to put the tracks back in service for tomorrow morning's rush hour," added Roberts. Employees working Sunday evening and overnight will all receive a two hour "safety stand down talk" covering proper track safety procedures before being allowed on the tracks.

"I understand that there have been stand downs in the past that were not effective," said Roberts. "We will therefore be working closely with Roger Toussaint and TWU Local 100 to insure that this stand down is as effective as possible and that we take every step possible to avoid another incident like this."

Both MTA Executive Director Sander and NYC Transit President Roberts learned of Sunday's incident while en route to Brewster, New York for the wake of Track Worker Daniel Boggs, who was struck and killed by a 3 train outside the 59th -Street Columbus Circle station late Tuesday evening. "Any death is unacceptable," said Roberts "Two within a week is intolerable."

A Board of Inquiry -- an independent review panel -- has been convened by the NYC Transit Office of System Safety to investigate the circumstances of this incident and to establish cause.

Following Sunday's press conference, both MTA Executive Director Sander and NYC Transit President Howard Roberts visited Track Worker Hill at Bellevue Hospital, where he is listed in stable condition.

"We are very grateful that Track Worker Hill is alive and in good condition,' said Sander after visiting with Hill and his family. "We hold Track Worker Franklin in out thoughts and prayers, added Sander. "On behalf of the entire NYC Transit family, I extend my heartfelt condolences to the family of Marvin Franklin -- his wife, son, extended family, friends and co-workers who are dealing with this tragic loss."