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Press Release
August 30, 2010
Partial Closure of the Staten Island Railway Nassau Station

MTA NYC Transit announces the partial closure of Staten Island Railway's Nassau Station to take place on Thursday, September 2 at 12 noon. Due to a deteriorating structural condition, we will be closing off the extension portion of the platforms and maintaining a single-door operation at the station.

The original Nassau Station was extended to 300 feet in length approximately 40 years ago, funded in part, by the adjacent Nassau Smelting Plant which no longer exits. This extension was built on wooden timber covered over by asphalt and is now deteriorating.

The Nassau Station and Atlantic Stations were not included in the station modernization program of the 1990's because of the proposed new Arthur Kill Station that was to be built midway between the two. Atlantic Station exists today in its original form as an 80 foot platform that can only accommodate boarding through one door.

Approximately 350 riders use Nassau Station in each direction weekdays. The maximum number of passengers boarding and/or alighting on any one train is 25. This closure would maintain passenger safety and still accommodate existing demand with minimal impact to operations. On board train announcements will advise customers to ride in the last car for boarding and alighting at Nassau Station. In addition, there will be posters on trains and at the station. Information will also be posted on the MTA website at

Design of the New Arthur Kill station is complete and is currently included in the MTA's 2010-2014 Capital Program. However, due to the current budget constraints, it remains unfunded.