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Press Release
June 3, 2018
Repairs, Improvements Coming to Staten Island Railway's Richmond Valley Station
Station to Remain Open During Project

MTA Staten Island Railway (SIR) announced that a comprehensive station repair and rehabilitation project will begin at the Richmond Valley station on Monday, June 4. The station will remain open for service during the project, with occasional one-directional service on future dates.

Customers who use the Richmond Valley station, which opened in 1860 as part of the SIR predecessor Staten Island Rapid Transit Railroad, will benefit from repairs to the station’s concrete structure, structural steel beams and columns, platforms, staircases and platform canopies. Structural steel infrastructure will also be repainted, and customer amenities such as new additional benches, new signage, customer information displays, new glass panels and artwork will be installed.

“Richmond Valley is one of the oldest stations within the New York City Transit system, predating even the subways,” said MTA NYC Transit President Andy Byford. “When this project is done the station will be in a renewed condition for customers to enjoy for years to come.”

These repairs have been planned in phases to minimize disruptions to customers and railway service. Station staircases will be closed no more than one at a time to allow continued access for customers. Some repairs in areas adjacent to the tracks will require trains to bypass the station in one direction at a time on certain weekends. During these service changes, customers can travel to the next station and ride back in the opposite direction to Richmond Valley. Signage and announcements will be posted ahead of such service diversions. NYC Transit staff have met with local community members to brief them on the project, which is expected to take approximately 10 months.

The MTA Board awarded the $2.2 million contract for this project to Zion Contracting in March through the MTA’s Small Business Mentoring Program, which seeks to increase, support and facilitate participation of local small businesses in MTA construction projects.