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January 18, 2010
Tompkinsville Fare Collection Begins On Staten Island Railway

MTA NYC Transit announces that effective Wednesday, January 20, 2010, MTA Staten Island Railway will begin fare collection at the newly constructed Tompkinsville Stationhouse.

The $6.9 million Tompkinsville Fare Collection Project included the construction of a station house entrance, the installation of turnstiles, cameras, fare vending and communications equipment.

With the introduction of MetroCards on the SIR in 1997, onboard fare collection was eliminated. All fare collection was handled at the St. George Ferry Terminal. As local ridership has grown, the overall system revenue loss is now estimated at about $3.4 million annually. As a result of a comprehensive analysis, a low turnstile, remotely monitored and controlled system was recommended for the Tompkinsville Station. As part of this project, the Hannah Street entrance/exit will be closed.

The installation of turnstiles and cameras at one of the busiest stations on the line is expected to bring in about $702,000 in annual revenue which represents a 15% increase in total SIR fare revenue. The new stationhouse will also provide a much needed sheltered waiting area for customers.

There is a closed circuit television system (CCTV) and customer assistance intercoms (CAI) to monitor the turnstile area and provide an extra level of security for customers. The intercoms enable customers to communicate with SIR employees who can assist them.

The MetroCard Automated Fare Collection (AFC) software has been modified so that customers boarding and paying at Tompkinsville can ride the one stop to St. George and swipe out, but they will still have their free transfer to use on a subway or bus when they reach Manhattan

All morning and evening peak period local trains will now stop at Stapleton and Tompkinsville stations thus increasing service to these stations. New train schedules are available at the St. George Terminal and on line at