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Press Release
January 28, 2008
Weekend 7 Service Restored

Express service remains suspended until March

MTA NYC Transit announced today that track installation along the 7 line near 74th Street was completed in three weekends. Taking advantage of favorable weekend weather, improved inter-departmental planning and, most importantly, the efficiency and productivity of MTA New York City Transit's in-house track forces and the contractor, track and signal work was completed ahead of schedule. This means that normal weekend service between Main Street-Flushing and Woodside-61st Street can resume.

"We can't overstate how grateful we are for the inter-agency cooperation and coordination with MTA Long Island Railroad, who helped us provide our Flushing Line customers with alternative service between Main St - Flushing and Penn Station, both in terms of rail service and customer service," said NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr. "We thank the LIRR personnel who were on site at Main St., Woodside and Penn Station assisting riders. I also want to acknowledge the Department of Buses for their efforts in offering a bus shuttle service our customers could depend upon."

Though work will continue on the middle track for the next two weekends, service will run normally on the local tracks. However, customers should expect some delays. Weekday express service will remain suspended until March 3rd.

"Our Track Department performed above and beyond our expectations," said Steven A Feil, Sr. Vice President for Subways at NYC Transit. "We realize this work disrupted the normal travel patterns for thousands of our customers and we're glad to hand the railroad back to 7 General Manager Lou Brusati and his team so they can go about the business of providing the service customers depend on."

This work is the second phase of a $76 million capital program to improve and upgrade the subway infrastructure along the Flushing Line. The line's signal system is being modernized between Queensboro Plaza and 82nd Street as part of this project that also includes the reconfiguration of track switches in the vicinity of 74th Street-Broadway.

The modernization of signals will allow faster and more efficient service while maintaining safe standards of operation. When completed, the new signal system and switches will allow trains to cross between tracks and serve 74th Street-Broadway. Currently, trains cannot make this track change.