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Date Agency Title
Jun 4th, 2001 MTA Headquarters Advisory regarding federal funding proposals for capital projects for the remainder of 2001 and 2002.
May 14th, 2001 MTA Headquarters Advisory on change in schedule of NYCT comittee in May
Apr 16th, 2001 MTA Headquarters MTA Arts for Transit Receives Award from National Conference of Artists
Mar 14th, 2001 MTA Headquarters MTA Arts for Transit and Creative Time Present "Wink" in Vanderbilt Hall
Nov 15th, 2000 MTA Headquarters Subway and bus ridership highest in 30 years
Oct 19th, 2000 MTA Headquarters MTA announces extra service for World Series
May 24th, 2000 MTA Headquarters Arts for Transit's Music Under New York 13th annual audition.
May 23rd, 2000 MTA Headquarters The MTA's Interagency Coordination Committee meeting.
May 3rd, 2000 MTA Headquarters Kenneth Bauer named Acting President of the MTA Long Island Rail Road
Mar 29th, 2000 MTA Headquarters MTA Police arrest three for burglary
Mar 28th, 2000 MTA Headquarters Thomas F. Prendergast to leave as President of MTA Long Island Rail Road
Jan 10th, 2000 MTA Headquarters Three youths arrested for interfering with train service
Oct 18th, 1999 MTA Headquarters MTA Chairman Unveils "Bronxville Eagle" at Grand Central Terminal
Oct 18th, 1999 MTA Headquarters New Franklin Avenue Shuttle Makes Early Debut
Sep 21st, 1999 MTA Headquarters MTA Chairman E. Virgil Conway's Statement on Metro-North Service Following Tropical Storm Floyd
Aug 12th, 1999 MTA Headquarters Use Mass Transit to See the Dalai Lama
Jul 13th, 1999 MTA Headquarters Talking Kiosk Unveiled at Penn Station
Jun 21st, 1999 MTA Headquarters MTA Receives Award from Municipal Arts Society
Jun 10th, 1999 MTA Headquarters {{American Glamorama:}} Liza Lou Beads Grand Central
May 20th, 1999 MTA Headquarters Peter A. Cannito Appointed President of MTA Metro-North Railroad
Mar 1st, 1999 MTA Headquarters Mary Mahon Named General Counsel of MTA
Feb 19th, 1999 MTA Headquarters James D. O'Donnell Named Chief of MTA Police
Jan 20th, 1999 MTA Headquarters Metrocard Vending Machine Unveiled for Field Testing
Nov 13th, 1998 MTA Headquarters Public Meetings for La Guardia Airport access
Oct 22nd, 1998 MTA Headquarters MTA adds extra service for Yankee victory parade
Sep 17th, 1998 MTA Headquarters MTA announces subway and bus service increases
Aug 17th, 1998 MTA Headquarters Public meeting for La Guardia Airport access
Jun 25th, 1998 MTA Headquarters Bicyclists Benefit From New Joint Train Permit
Jun 19th, 1998 MTA Headquarters Public Hearing For Proposed Railroad Fare Changes
Jun 16th, 1998 MTA Headquarters MTA Installs Three New Lightbox Projects


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