MTA Service Status

Delays  Posted: 08/19/2019  4:21PM

BM1, BM2, BM3, BM4, SIM1, SIM1C, SIM2, SIM3, SIM3C, SIM4, SIM4X, SIM4C, SIM5, SIM6, SIM7, SIM8, SIM9, SIM10, SIM11, SIM15, SIM22, SIM25, SIM26, SIM30, SIM31, SIM32, SIM33, SIM34, SIM35, X27/37 and X28/38 buses are running with delays in both directions because of traffic on the Gowanus Expressway between the Belt Parkway and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Delays  Posted: 08/19/2019  3:55PM

SIM8, SIM8X, SIM22, SIM25, SIM26 and SIM30 buses are running with delays because of heavy traffic near the Lincoln Tunnel.

Service Change  Posted: 08/19/2019  6:25PM

Manhattan-bound SIM1C, SIM3C, SIM4C and SIM33C buses are detoured because of a non-TA accident on the Gowanus Expressway. 

Detour is as follows:

SIM1C/SIM3C/SIM4C/SIM33C  Manhattan-bound: Via Verrazano bridge, exit on 92 St, left on 92 St, left on 4 Av into the Belt Pkwy West, then regular route.

Please allow additional travel time to your destination.

Planned Detour
NJDOT CONSTRUCTION | Through Summer 2021
Staten Island Express buses using the Lincoln Tunnel may experience delays

The New Jersey Department of Transportation will conduct a major construction project that will impact Staten Island express buses using the Lincoln Tunnel. We are working to provide the best service possible during this disruption, but travel times may be longer as a result.

Planned Detour
In effect
The Staten Island-bound SIM6, SIM11, SIM22 and SIM26 bus stop has been restored on Lexington Av at 52 St

The temporary stop for these routes at 53 St is discontinued.

Planned Detour
Until further notice
Southbound SIM10 and SIM31 buses bypass the stop on 5 Av at 51 St because of construction

Please board the SIM10 and SIM31 at the nearby temporary stop on 5 Av between 52 St and 51 St.