MTA Security Campaign

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Security Awareness Campaign helps protect the MTA riding public and valued assets through consistent public outreach designed to maintain awareness of the continued terrorist threat to public safety.

To date, the MTA has produced nine "generations" of the very successful "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign. First launched throughout the MTA's regional transportation system in late 2002, it is a collaborative effort the MTA has undertaken with City, State and Federal governments to give MTA customers the means to join the police and MTA employees as watchful partners, helping to ensure security within the transportation system.

The campaign is funded by grants from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which in 2010 requested permission from the MTA to use the slogan nationwide.

The latest update of the MTA's award-winning security awareness campaign recognizes that “New Yorkers Keep New York Safe,” includes several 30-second and 15-second television commercials, print ads, and posters on subways, buses and trains. It was created by the MTA marketing partners Pulsar Advertising and Arcade Creative Group.

Television Commercials

If You See Something, Say Something - 2016

If You See Something, Say Something - "Greg T." - 2016

If You See Something, Say Something - "Melissa C." - 2016

If You See Something, Say Something - "Officer Chin" - 2016

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