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Press Release
March 12, 2007
Saint Patrick's Day Celebrants Get More Than Luck with Metro-North

This year, New York City's St. Patrick's Day Parade falls on a Saturday and Metro-North is adding service to carry as many as 20,000 parade goers as well as regular weekend customers.

There will be nine extra inbound trains the morning and four extra outbound train in the afternoon to accommodate the additional travelers.

Hudson Line Extras:

Press Release
January 10, 2007
MTA Police Satellite Office Opens at Harriman Train Station

The MTA Police Department has opened an office at Harriman, the busiest train station in Metro-North Railroad's west of Hudson territory.

"It has long been a goal of this department to have a facility in the West-of-Hudson territory," said MTA Police Chief Kevin McConville. "This move will provide a reassuring presence for railroad customers and a more convenient post for the officers who serve them. This proximity will enable the MTA Police Department to work even more closely with New York State Police and local police agencies in Woodbury, Monroe, Harriman and Tuxedo."