Sally Librera Becomes First Woman to Lead Department of Subways

Sally Librera is making history at the MTA once again.

Librera, the first female chief officer of MTA Staten Island Railway, has been appointed to lead NYC Subways at MTA New York City Transit, becoming the first woman to lead the Department of Subways. She will oversee the department that runs the New York subway system, including the development and delivery of a long-term strategy for the system's modernization and success. The appointment was announced on Sunday, April 29, by MTA New York City Transit President Andy Byford. 

Librera joined the MTA in 2004 as a transportation planner and advanced to leadership positions in logistics and employee development, with her responsibilities touching on key operational support functions as wide-ranging as financial management, employee safety, administrative operations, workforce development and planning. She led technical training for Subways employees, including training programs for crews in rail car maintenance, service delivery, occupational safety, emergency response, and for technicians in the track, electrical and infrastructure departments. Her accomplishments included enhancing employee safety, streamlining administrative processes, identifying operational efficiencies, and implementing programs for employee development. In addition to her role as Vice President & Chief Officer for Staten Island Railway, she was also the Vice President & Chief Officer for Subways Operations Support. 

Librera's appointment is part of larger organizational changes being planned by President Byford as he works to implement the Subway Action Plan and reinvigorate the subway system with major improvements to customer service, service and modernization. On Sunday he also appointed Frank Jezycki, who has held a number of leadership roles at Subways and SIR, to the new role of Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at the Department of Subways. Jezycki will run day-to-day operations for Subways, overseeing the Service Delivery, Car Equipment and Maintenance of way teams.  

"This is a critical time for subways and we need to be looking at every aspect of our operation and challenging convention across the board,” Librera said. “Part of questioning everything we do involves making that conversation as inclusive as possible – involving as many diverse perspectives as possible.”

"NYC Transit is at the start of a very exciting journey, one that will transform the way we do business and that will restore our reputation in the eyes of customers and stakeholders. To succeed, I need a world-class executive team to help me construct, then deliver, the Corporate Plan that is our roadmap to transformation - and to run Transit day to day," Byford said. "It will not be an easy task but Sally and Frank will ensure we will meet that challenge and succeed."

Librera holds master’s degrees in urban planning and transportation engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and a bachelor’s degree in labor relations from Cornell University.