Metro-North Sets Record for On-time Performance in December: 98.6%

December 2011 was the best month of 2011 and the best December in the 29-year history of Metro-North Railroad in terms of on-time performance - with 98.6% of all trains operating on time.

In its entire 29-year history, Metro-North has had only seven months with better on-time performance than December 2011.

"Our customers know they can count on the reliability of Metro-North's train service," said Metro-North President Howard Permut. "After safety, on-time performance is Metro-North's No.1 priority and the hallmark of excellent customer service. It's something we continually strive for."

Also in December, Metro-North had a perfect day on Wednesday the 15th when each of its 667 daily trains, both east and west of the Hudson, operated on time. Metro-North had four perfect days in 2011. The others were all Saturdays—March 26, April 23, and November 5.

For all of 2011, Metro-North's overall on-time performance was 96.9%. By line, the Hudson Line ended the years with a 98% on-time record, the Harlem achieved 97.7% and the New Haven Line ended the year with 95.6% of all trains operating on time.

By time period, for 2011, results are as follows:

  • AM PEAK - 95.8% (HUDSON-97.4%, HARLEM-97.1%, NEW HAVEN-93.7%)
  • PM PEAK - 96.9% (HUDSON-98.5%, HARLEM-97.8%, NEW HAVEN-95.1%)
  • AM REV - 96.4% (HUDSON-98.4%, HARLEM-97.0%, NEW HAVEN-94.8%)
  • OFF PEAK - 97.3% (HUDSON-98.2%, HARLEM-98.0%, NEW HAVEN-96.4%)
  • WEEKEND - 97.0% (HUDSON-97.5%, HARLEM-97.8%, NEW HAVEN-96.2%)