MTA Bus Time<sup>&#174;</sup> Arrives on Staten Island

For bus riders who have ever wondered: "Where is my bus and when will it get here?" The answer has arrived: MTA Bus Time®!

Staten Islanders are the first to receive real-time bus information on a borough-wide basis. Every bus and bus route that operates in Staten Island can be tracked in real time on the Internet, smart phones and by text message to any cell phone.

"Bus Time is going to transform the way that our 2.5 million bus riders use the bus system every day," said MTA Chairman Joseph J. Lhota, "The MTA continues to bring new technology to our customers in ways that make our transit system better every day. With Bus Time you can get real-time information right on your cell phone or computer."

Brochures and Guide-A-Rides will have clear instructions on how to use Bus Time. Click here for additional information.

MTA Bus Time is easy to use in three ways: Click it. Text it. Scan it.

  • Click it: From a desktop or a smartphone, customers can enter the bus route, intersection or bus stop code and get a map showing where the buses are along the route and how close the next bus is.
  • Text it: Customers can text a bus stop code or intersection to 511123 on their cell phones and they'll receive a text back stating how many stops away the next bus is. Bus stop codes can be found online at or at bus stops printed on the posted Guide-A-Ride schedules in the coming weeks.
  • Scan it: In addition, if customers have a smart phone with a QR reader, they just scan a Quick Response (QR) code also available on the Guide-A-Rides in the coming weeks and get the same information. (The Guide-A-Rides will be distributed to 2100 Staten Island bus stops including the Staten Island express bus stops in Manhattan over the next six weeks.)

Bus Time will use accurate location data provided by an enhanced Global Positioning Device mounted inside each bus. That information will be integrated with the bus operator login information (including the route, run and destination sign code) and will then be transmitted wirelessly to a Bus Time server using onboard cellular equipment. This server will integrate location and login information with schedules and map files to output real time "next bus information" to the customers who will be able to obtain this information through their cell phones, smart phones, PCs and digital displays.

MTA NYC Transit will shortly begin deployment of Bus Time technology to depots in the other boroughs. Over the next year, more than 6,000 buses and 14,000 bus stops will be upgraded in order to make Bus Time fully operational city-wide by the end of 2013.