MTA Storm Wrap-Up

The MTA continues to monitor today's storm as the weather system continues to impact the area. At this time there are no significant weather-related delays. Personnel have been deployed, snow-fighting equipment has been put into service to keep rails free of ice and snow, and bus tires have been chained for additional traction. Snow Plows and Salters are working hard to keep bridges and tunnels free of ice and snow.

We are operating normal Saturday service on all MTA services, but please monitor Service Status as well as media reports for the latest updates. Customers are also urged to utilize the MTA's new Winter Weather Guide that explains possible service adjustments for all MTA agencies during inclement weather.

NYC Transit Subways and Buses

Most weekend work has been canceled, however, the critical capital work being performed in the Steinway Tube is continuing as planned, so 7 line riders should be mindful that planned service diversions remain in effect, meaning that N and Q line service is the best way to travel from Queensboro Plaza to Manhattan and shuttle bus service will be making the connection between Vernon-Jackson and Hunters Point Ave. stations and Queensboro Plaza.

The subway system's fleet of snow fighting equipment has been in operation throughout the day to keep the rails free of snow and ice at locations historically vulnerable to heavy snowfall. Crews from our Department of Stations have been out all day clearing snow from platforms. In order to minimize the number of cars that will have to be stored over the weekend, full-length trains are in operation on all lines. To the extent possible, out of service subway cars will be stored in underground locations throughout the system which may impact express service on certain lines.

We have deployed a combination of chained standard and articulated buses while substituting articulated with standard buses where appropriate. The Department of Buses has also deployed snow crews and snow fighting equipment, and Dispatchers continue to monitor conditions as the storm progresses, and are making ongoing route-by-route assessments about service.

Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad

The railroads have activated switch heaters, treated switches and third rails with anti-freeze agents and have personnel stationed at key locations. Crews were dispatched to stations and cto clear platforms and stairways.

The railroads will also operate electric trains equipped with special scraper shoes to help reduce icing on the third rail and ensure that electric trains can draw their power properly. Employees are also spraying door panels with anti-freeze and purging air brake lines of moisture to prevent them from freezing. LIRR station waiting rooms will be kept open around-the-clock to provide shelter for customers waiting for trains.


Access-A-Ride customers may experience additional travel and wait time. Depending on conditions, customers may want to reconsider travel, unless medically necessary.

Bridges and Tunnels

MTA Bridges and Tunnels are all operating normally, but motorists are advised to drive carefully and at posted speed limits. MTA Bridges and Tunnels uses a system of technologically-advanced weather sensors to help keep motorists safe. All seven MTA bridges use small, rocket-like atmospheric weather sensors that deliver highly-accurate weather information, including wind velocity, wind direction, humidity and precipitation, via wireless communication. Other sensors are embedded in the roadway and on the snow-fighting trucks to monitor icing conditions on the roadways.

We urge all of our customers to take extra care when traveling. Stay clear of the platform edges, use handrails on staircases and walk carefully when entering or exiting stations and boarding or leaving trains and buses. Please allow extra time for travel.