Long Island Rail Road & Metro-North Unveil "Pledge to Customers"

MTA Long Island Rail Road and MTA Metro-North Railroad have each unveiled a formal "Pledge to Customers" promising to provide safe and reliable service and putting it in writing for the first time.

Each railroad's Pledge promises a safe, reliable ride; accurate and timely information; courteous employees and a clean transit environment. The Pledge also tells customers what they can expect from the LIRR and Metro-North in the event of a service disruption, making clear the steps that will be taken to provide alternative transportation, maintain customer comfort and ensure that communications with customers remains a top priority.

Metro-North and the LIRR also pledge to waive the $10 refund processing fee when a service suspension is posted on the MTA website.

In developing the Pledge to Customers, the LIRR and Metro-North worked closely with the Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council and the Metro-North Railroad Commuter Council. Both railroads will be distributing copies of their Pledge on trains and at stations in the form of posters and on-seat fliers in the coming weeks.

LIRR President Helena Williams said: "Our customers deserve to know what to expect from us when they ride the LIRR. This Pledge lays out our goals to provide safe, reliable and customer friendly service every time as well as what to anticipate when there is a disruption."

Here is the Long Island Rail Road's Pledge to Customers:

LIRR is dedicated to delivering safe and reliable transportation. Our highest priority is to ensure customer safety and this pledge is always subject to that paramount concern:

A Safe, Reliable Ride-; Our top priority is to provide transportation that gets customers to their destination safely, comfortably and on time. LIRR will use best efforts to schedule service to meet anticipated demand so as to provide a seat for every customer and enforce rules to maximize seat availability.

Accurate and Timely Information -; We will provide accurate, timely and meaningful information on service conditions, including via email alerts, mta.info, news, station, platform and onboard announcements to keep customers informed and allow them to plan their trips wherever they are.

Courteous Employees -; LIRR crews and other employees will be helpful and courteous at all times and will provide accurate and timely information to customers. Our goal is to provide excellent service.

A Clean Environment -; We will maintain a clean environment for our customers and the communities we serve, including at stations, restrooms and along our right-of-way.

When service is disrupted, customers can expect us to respond quickly and customer safety will remain our No. 1 concern:

Alternative Transportation -; We will make every effort to stop trains at stations and open the doors to allow customers to seek alternate transportation and will provide customers with information concerning alternate routes and means of transportation. If scheduled LIRR service is not available, we will make every effort to provide customers with emergency bus service when possible.

Comfort -; If a significant incident occurs that prevents us from bringing a train to a station, we will move immediately to assist affected customers. Emergency personnel will be dispatched to offer medical assistance and efforts will be made to provide water. If efforts to move the train are unsuccessful, customers will be evacuated safely. We will also coordinate with emergency personnel and other transportation agencies to ensure safe conditions during service disruptions. To facilitate these efforts, it is essential that customers listen for crew announcements and never leave a stranded train unless under the supervision of the train crew or rescue personnel.

Weather Emergency Notification -; If it becomes necessary to temporarily suspend service when extreme weather is forecast or when snow accumulations are expected between 10-13 inches, we will use all our communication means so customers can "know before you go."

Severe Service Disruption Procedures -; Customers will be given updated information regarding service restoration, including estimates of the time until service resumes. Onboard personnel will walk through trains regularly and provide accurate and timely information to customers. Comfort trains will be provided for customers stranded at Penn Station.

Refund Processing Fee -; A customer with an unused One-Way or Round-Trip ticket may receive a waiver of the $10 refund processing fee when a LIRR service suspension is declared on the MTA website.