MTA Bus Time<sup style="font-size:70%;">&#174;</sup> to Expand to the Bronx

The 1,025 buses serving the Bronx will be the next to offer MTA Bus Time®, a popular digital system that allows Staten Island customers to track the real-time location of buses via the Internet, smart phone or text message.

Following the roll-out in the Bronx, the next borough will also come online in 2012, and the final two boroughs will be brought online in 2013.

Bronx buses will receive GPS units and other hardware needed for MTA Bus Time, adding to the 900 buses on Staten Island that have the technology. MTA Bus Time uses technology components from two New York City-based tech startups, research support provided by a team of graduate students, and an innovative open standards technology platform that gives the MTA flexibility in management and expansion of the service.

The technology supplies a 21st century answer to the question bus riders have been asking since motorized bus service was first introduced in New York City more than a century ago.

MTA Bus Time Photo

"Knowing how far away your next bus is means you can spend more time with your family or more time at a coffee shop instead of waiting at a bus stop in a state of uncertainty," said MTA Chairman Joseph J. Lhota. "About 90% of our customers carry text-message enabled cell phones, so this is a big step forward to help make the lives of our customers a lot easier."

"I am happy to hear that the MTA is expanding this service to the Bronx. Now bus riders in our borough will not have to rely on guesswork and a look into the distance to see when their bus is going to arrive. This service is very convenient and will provide commuters in our borough with up to the minute information. That information will surely come in handy all year round, especially during the cold winter months," said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

"MTA Bus Time has been a huge hit on Staten Island," said Darryl Irick President of the MTA Bus Company and Senior Vice President of NYC Transit's Department of Buses. "It means a lot to a bus rider to be able to use the technology that they have in their pocket or on their desktop to determine how many stops away the next bus is."