Heroic B&T Officer Honored By Brooklyn Beep

MTA Bridges and Tunnels Officer Anthony Presley was recently honored for his heroic actions taken during an armed robbery last April.

Presley was singled out in Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's State of the Borough speech.

Presley, a 10-year veteran assigned to the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, was shot and injured as he bravely foiled the robbery in a Bedford-Stuyvesant auto body shop.

B&T Hero Photo
(l to r) Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel General Manager Marc Mende, BTO Anthony Presley, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, MTA Director of Security Douglas Zeigler, VP and Chief of Operations for B&T James Fortunato.

Presley was off-duty and in the shop the night of April 16th when four armed men rushed in, pulled out guns and ordered all four people inside to lie on the ground. When one of the gunmen began searching their pockets for valuables, he felt Presley's authorized firearm holstered in his waistband, yelled, "Gun!" and began pistol-whipping Presley about the face and head.

BTO Presley was able to fend off the assailant long enough to draw his service weapon just as another gunman began shooting at him. Presley exchanged gunfire with the assailant and was shot in the shoulder.

MTA Director of Security Douglas Zeigler, Bridges and Tunnels Vice President and Chief of Operations James Fortunato and Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel General Manager Marc Mende attended the Feb. 1st ceremony where Presley was honored.

"If not for Officer Presley's heroic actions that night, the outcome for the people inside the auto body shop could have been vastly different," Fortunato said.

The assailants fled, pursued by an armed NYPD School Safety Agent who was also in the shop at the time of the robbery. Presley was taken to Kings County Hospital, along with two of the robbers who had been shot. After his recovery, Presley returned to regular duty in June.

"We're extremely proud of Officer Presley and are glad that he has recovered and is back at the Battery Tunnel where he belongs," said MTA Bridges and Tunnels President Jim Ferrara.