Metro-North's Lost & Found is a "New York Customer Experience Star"

Global consulting firm Peppers & Rogers Group (PRG) surveyed its worldwide client base (such as T-Mobile, Hewlett-Packard and BMW) about the best customer experiences they've had in New York City!

MNR Lost and Found Department Photo
Photo Credit: Kyle McCarthy

Metro-North's Lost & Found recently placed seventh in the survey putting this Grand Central Terminal fixture shoulder-to-shoulder with the survey's typical winners--prestigious five-star hotels and restaurants! The award is called the "New York Customer Experience Star" and Peppers & Rogers Group was admittedly surprised and impressed that Metro-North Lost & Found ranked so high.

But Metro-North was not surprised. The GCT Lost & Found supports the entire Metro-North Railroad, which carried 82 million people in 2011, processing more than 2,000 items per month with a 50 percent return rate on most items, and an 80 percent return rate on high-value items (including a $15,000 pair of ruby earrings and a Basset hound who had wandered onto a train).

Just another day in the Lost & Found!

"We're not surprised at the PRG award because we think the Lost & Found team excels at their jobs on a daily basis," Senior Director-Customer Service Susan Doering said. "And because of the dedication and professionalism they have exhibited, our Lost & Found has also received national recognition for our high rate of returns."

In 2011, the GCT Lost & Found recovered 24,691 articles and returned 13,126 of them to their owners.

Metro-North congratulates our Lost & Found team for a job well done.