4th Avenue East Side Station House Reopens

MTA New York City Transit has reopened the 4th Avenue-9th Street station house on the F/G line at the east side of 4th Avenue between 9th and 10th Streets.

Photo of 4th Avenue East Side Station House

The entrance had been shuttered for more than 40 years. It is part of the station component work being done in conjunction with the massive Culver Viaduct Rehabilitation Project.

"During the initial phases of this project, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to reopen the east side station house on 4th Avenue," said NYC Transit President Thomas F. Prendergast. "We are grateful to the elected officials whose contributions allowed us to do even more than we had planned at this historic station," added Prendergast.

The entire station house has been completely restored with brand new lights, floors, repainted walls, and new turnstiles. Residents of Park Slope and points east can now avoid crossing busy 4th Avenue in order to get to the station, benefiting the majority of the 11,400 customers who use the station on an average weekday.

Although this entrance is now open, there is much more work to come. The set of doors leading to and from 4th Avenue are temporary and the doors leading to and from 10th Street will remain closed at this time. Both sets of doors are scheduled to be completed later this year. In addition, the historic arch spanning 4th Avenue, which had been closed in with advertising billboards on both sides, will be restored. This will give the station a lighter, more open look.

Also underway at the 4th Avenue station:

  • Repair and restoration of all exterior tower stone and brickwork;
  • Repair and painting of viaduct underside over 4th Avenue;
  • Replacement of lighting beneath viaduct over 4th Avenue and sidewalks (will double existing illumination);
  • Restoration of all four entrance globes (on 4th Avenue and on 10th Street);
  • Restoration of all storefront windows (on 4th Avenue and on 10th Street). There will be 3 stores on the east side and 3 on the west side, and MTA Real Estate is projecting a contract award in 2013;
  • Restoration of some platform windows;
  • Restoration of station platforms and canopies; and
  • Installation of a PA system on station platforms.

Expected completion date for the component work at 4th Avenue-9th Street is fall 2012.