Henry Hudson Bridge Moves To Next Phase Ahead Of Schedule

A new construction work zone will be in place beginning Tuesday, March 13th.

The nearly $32 million rehabilitation project to replace the original 1930's-era steel curb stringers on the Bronx-bound upper level of the Henry Hudson Bridge is several months ahead of schedule and will begin the next phase of work on the right hand side of the bridge.

Click here to view a video of the work at the HHB.


The far right lane on the upper level east side of the bridge will be closed from the toll plaza to the Bronx tower around-the-clock while the original steel curb stringers, resembling a hollow metal box, are removed and new sub-stringer steel beams to support the upper level roadway are put in place.

Two lanes will remain open during peak, weekday travel times.

Henry Hudson Bridge Photo

Hollow box curb stringers were the structural support method used when the bridge was built in the 1930s. Through the years, water has seeped in causing some of the steel to deteriorate. Once the old stringers are removed, the roadway will be built out and new concrete decking poured. The new decking will better protect the steel by forming a barrier to keep water from seeping in.

The three-year project is expected to be completed by fall 2013. To see similar work that was done on the opposite side (far left lane) of the upper level during the first phase of construction, click here.

Once the old curb stringers and an unused maintenance walkway that is closed to the public are eliminated, the upper level of the bridge will have wider, more uniform traffic lanes, and a new safety shoulder.

New energy-efficient roadway lighting will also be added. The new roadway light poles will be designed to replicate the original 1930s-style lights in order to blend with the bridge's Depression-era design.

The contractor on the project is Judlau Inc., of Queens. The Henry Hudson Bridge opened to traffic on Dec. 12, 1936.