This Month More than 7,000 E-ZPass 'On The Go' Tags Sold in Cash Lanes

The ease and convenience of buying an E-ZPass On The Go tag in cash lanes at MTA crossings is proving to be extremely popular with customers.

On The Go tag sale image
BTO Joseph LaPorta sells another E-ZPass On The Go tag at the Throgs Neck Bridge.

So much so that the program is being accelerated and will be expanded to include all Bridges and Tunnels facilities by mid-April.

Since the sale of On The Go tags in cash lanes began last June, more than 16,000 have been sold, with nearly half, (7,425) sold in the first three weeks of March alone. This is almost as many as the 7,912 On The Go tags sold at the Henry Hudson Bridge in 2011.

The program began at the Henry Hudson Bridge and was expanded this month to include the Bronx-Whitestone, Throgs Neck, Robert F. Kennedy Bridges and the Queens Midtown Tunnel. Due to its extreme popularity it will be expanded to the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, Verrazano-Narrows, Cross Bay Veterans and Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridges by mid-April, nearly a month ahead of schedule.

"The convenience of pulling into a cash lane and purchasing an On The Go tag without filling out a form or waiting for the tag to arrive in the mail appeals to busy motorists," said MTA Bridges and Tunnels President Jim Ferrara, "which is why we are moving quickly to expand the program to all of our crossings."

"We're pleased that motorists understand that E-ZPass is the best value as well as the easiest and fastest way to pay tolls at our crossings whether you are a daily commuter or a weekend traveler." Ferrara added.

After purchasing an On The Go tag in the cash lanes for $30, plus the cash toll for the trip, drivers can immediately use it to pay for up to $30 worth of tolls if linked to a credit card or $20 in tolls and a $10 tag deposit if it is not.

The tag must be registered within 48 hours of its first use by going to or by calling the toll-free number 1-800-333-TOLL. If the tag is not registered, it is deactivated.

E-ZPass is used at MTA crossings by 80 percent of motorists or an average 615,000 drivers each day.