Digital "Urban Panels" Debut at Manhattan Subway Entrances

Another creative way the MTA is maximizing the revenue it receives from its real estate assets.

The MTA and its advertising vendor CBS Outdoor have installed a new network of 100 state-of-the-art digital displays at subway station entrances around Manhattan. The addition of these new digital display units vastly improves the ability to communicate with customers each day.

The new digital "urban panel" network became fully operational on Feb. 28, consisting of the double-sided displays. Both sides include paid advertising messages, while the side facing subway entrances also features customer information including service updates and other important messages from the MTA.

"These screens provide a platform to advertisers to reach the transit audience in a dynamic way, while affording us the ability to communicate with our customers before they enter the station," said MTA Senior Director of Corporate and Internal Communications Paul Fleuranges.

Photo of MTA digital Urban PanelPhoto of MTA digital Urban Panel