There's Never Been a Better Time to Try Metro-North's Trains to Yankee Stadium!

The Yankees return to the Bronx on Friday, April 13, for the 2012 home opener against the Los Angeles Angels. And Metro-North Railroad is back for its fourth year of train service to Yankee Stadium!

With gas prices at nearly $4 a gallon and game day parking fees starting at $35, there's never been a better time to try Metro-North Railroad's special game-day service to the Yankees-E. 153rd Street Station, a short walk from the stadium. Kids aged 5 to 11 ride for just 75¢ each to any game, and commuters who hold monthly or weekly tickets to Grand Central Terminal or Harlem-125th Street can use those tickets to reach the stadium at no additional charge.

Photo of fans taking train to Yankee Stadium

"Baseball fans love our service, and once you try it, you will too," said Metro-North Railroad President Howard Permut.

Metro-North serves the Yankees-E. 153rd Street Station 365 days a year with local Bronx service on the Hudson Line, But on game days -; and game nights -; the railroad offers special service for fans. All weekend and weeknight games are served by special "Yankee Clipper" trains that offer direct service to the stadium from as far away as New Haven, Southeast and Poughkeepsie.

Schedules provide service before, during and after the game—from well before the first pitch to well after the last out.

For weekday afternoon games, including the home opener, the railroad offers extra service on the Hudson Line. Fans from the New Haven and Harlem Lines can use regularly scheduled trains and transfer at Harlem-125th Street for the short shuttle ride to the stadium.

In addition, Metro-North continuously operates shuttle trains to Grand Central and Harlem-125th Street before, during and after all games. The shuttle trains ensure service every 20 minutes beginning two hours before the game starts and ending two hours after it concludes.

Alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the train, but open containers are not allowed on station platforms at Yankees -; E.153rd St. and must be discarded.

Fans using all three east-of-Hudson lines have lots of train choices for each game. For details about game-day schedules, pick up a special Yankees-153rd Street Station Game Day timetable, available online at and at Grand Central Terminal and outlying stations.

Or visit and get train times using our interactive schedules page. Schedules for game day trains are also available on your smartphone or computer via Metro-North Train Time or on your cell phone by sending a text message to CooCoo (266266).

Hudson Line

  • Metro-North will provide direct service to and from all home games from all stations both north and south of Croton-Harmon via regularly scheduled trains.
  • To all weekend and weekday afternoon games, Metro-North offers a Yankee Clipper special from select stations that are timed to let fans get to the stadium 60 or 75 minutes before the first pitch.
  • From all games, Metro-North offers a Yankee Clipper special to select stations that is timed to depart 20-45 minutes after the last out.

Harlem Line & New Haven Line

  • Metro-North will provide special Yankee Clipper direct trains to and from all weeknight and weekend games. These trains are timed to arrive at the stadium 105 to 45 minutes before the first pitch, and depart 20-45 minutes after the last out.
  • As an alternative, or to reach weekday afternoon games, fans can take regularly scheduled trains and change at Harlem-125th Street for a short shuttle train ride to the stadium.

Grand Central Terminal & Harlem-125th Street

  • Metro-North will provide frequent shuttle service to, from and during all games.

All trips to or from the stadium on any line can be made with just one ticket, whether you ride a direct train or change at Harlem-125th Street. Be sure to keep your ticket with you as you'll be asked for it by ticket collectors at the Yankees-E. 153rd Street Station.

Fans should buy round-trip or one-way tickets to Yankees-;E. 153rd St. before boarding for the best price. Tickets from all Hudson Line stations (except Grand Central Terminal and Harlem-125th Street) are the less expensive "intermediate" tickets that are valid at all times. All tickets from Harlem Line and New Haven Line stations are off-peak, except for trips returning from weekday afternoon games. For customers starting their trips at Grand Central, trips to weeknight games are peak, and others are off-peak.