Bridges and Tunnels Highway Officer Saves Man At Verrazano

Bridges and Tunnels Officer Edward Grimm is being hailed a hero for his quick-thinking actions in saving the life of a man who recently attempted to jump from the lower level of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

Photo of Edward Grimm

"We applaud Officer Grimm's life-saving efforts," said Bridges and Tunnels Vice President and Chief of Operations James Fortunato. "Our patrol officers are trained to be especially vigilant and we are pleased this incident ended positively."

Grimm, who has been with the agency for nearly 10 years, was on routine highway patrol the night of April 4th when he spotted a car driving slowly and impeding traffic on the lower level of the bridge, heading into Brooklyn.

"I thought he might be having car trouble because he was driving so slowly so I pulled up behind him and put my emergency lights on," Grimm said. The man driving the car suddenly threw it into park without fully stopping and jumped out. The person was acting erratically, waving his arms and muttering to himself.

Grimm immediately radioed the desk for assistance. At the same time an NYPD Emergency Services truck was crossing the bridge, stopped and asked the BTO if he needed help. Grimm asked them to stay.

The man suddenly bolted to the side of the bridge and attempted to climb over. Acting together, the three officers subdued the man and Grimm handcuffed him. A subsequent search revealed the man was carrying a knife.

"It happened in a split second and we didn't have time to do anything but react," Grimm said, explaining there was no time to worry about his own safety. The distraught man was taken to a local hospital and admitted for psychiatric evaluation.

"All of our officers on patrol are very sensitive and attuned to this issue as Officer Grimm's heroic actions demonstrate," said Grimm's supervisor that night, Capt. Robert Eckert.

"People are calling me a hero but I don't think of it that way," said the modest Grimm. "I think I was just doing my job, and I'm glad I was there."