All MTA Crossings Now Selling E-ZPass ON-THE-GO Tags

It's official. No matter what bridge or tunnel you use, you can now pick up an E-ZPass On-the-Go tag in any cash lane at all nine MTA crossings.

Drivers have wholeheartedly embraced the program, snapping up more than 28,000 of the pre-packaged On-the-Go tags since it was introduced last June at the Henry Hudson Bridge, and expanded to all crossings in March and April.

Nearly 10,200 On-the-Go tags were sold in March, and April sales are even stronger with 9,300 sold in just the first two weeks, an average of more than 600 a day.

On-the-Go tag image

"We're pleased that motorists love the convenience of picking up an E-ZPass tag in cash lanes at our crossings and will soon start saving time and money while helping to keep traffic moving and reducing emissions from idling vehicles," said MTA Bridges and Tunnels President Jim Ferrara.

The Verrazano-Narrows got off to the best start selling 117 tags on its first day. Weekend sales are also proving to be strong, showing the program is equally as popular with non-daily commuters. On the weekend of April 6th-8th, 700 On-the-Go tags were purchased at the Throgs Neck Bridge.

On-the-Go is another way MTA Bridges and Tunnels is making E-ZPass even more accessible to everyone. In addition to cash lanes, On-the-Go tags are sold at more than 500 retail stores throughout New York and Long Island. To see a list of retail locations click here.

Motorists can pick up an E-ZPass On-the-Go tag in the cash lanes for $30, plus the cash toll for that trip, and use it to pay for up to $30 worth of tolls if linked to a credit card or $20 in tolls and a $10 tag deposit if it is not. The tag must be registered within 48 hours of its first use by going to or by calling the toll-free number 1-800-333-TOLL. If the tag is not registered once used, it is deactivated.

Most customers take advantage of the convenience of using a credit or debit card, but those who prefer cash can now use the MTA Reload Card to replenish their accounts with cash at thousands of locations throughout the region. Learn more about the Reload Card here.

E-ZPass is used by 80 percent of motorists at MTA crossings, or an average of 615,000 drivers daily.