Another Successful Round of FASTRACK on the A C E

MTA New York City Transit wrapped up yet another successful FASTRACK line segment closure completing an ambitious schedule of work on the Eighth Avenue Line.

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Once again, NYC Transit maintenance workers were able to accomplish a multitude of tasks stretching from 59th Street-Columbus Circle to Jay Street-MetroTech in Brooklyn. They inspected signals, fixed rails and ties, scraped roadbeds, cleaned stations and painted areas impossible to reach during normal train operation. Workers also took the opportunity to replace lighting fixtures and repair platform edges — things that boost efficiency while also providing a visible improvement to the station environment.

During the four-night series of shutdowns, hundreds of maintenance workers each night completed work that included:

  • 16,179 bags of debris removed;
  • 57,500 pounds of scrap material and debris removed;
  • Muck and mud scraped from 7,140 feet of concrete roadbed;
  • 4,600 linear feet of track drain cleaning;
  • Serviced 14 cut sections, 21 track switches and 53 signals;
  • Performed maintenance on 10 pump rooms;
  • 1,135 square feet of bench wall repairs;
  • Conducted annual inspection of fire lines and serviced 29 valves;
  • Corrected 2,255 third rail defects. Cleaned, scraped, and bagged 15,165 feet of track under and around the third rail;
  • Installed 29 running rails, 890 linear feet of handrails, 1,232 plates, and 87 tie blocks;
  • Scraped 6,125 sq. feet, primed 11,150 sq. feet, and painted 12,150 sq. feet at stations;
  • Painted 57 columns, stairways and rails;
  • Installed 121 cable brackets;
  • Replaced 2,477 station lights;
  • Conducted preventative maintenance of elevators and escalators;
  • Replaced 49 sq. feet of ADA tile, 38 platform edge signs, and repaired 620 linear feet of running boards;
  • Surveyed 164 manholes; and
  • Cleaned, adjusted, and optimized 30 CCTV cameras and 25 monitors, and installed 2 CCTVs.

Only subway line segments with substantial subway alternatives are selected for the overnight shutdowns. So, in addition to nearby lines, other lines that don't usually operate during the late night hours continued to operate in order to help accommodate customers. In order to avoid further inconvenience, other service diversions in the area affected by the closure were avoided. The next FASTRACK overnight closure will be on the Sixth Avenue B Line lines from 59th Street-Columbus Circle to West 4 Street for four consecutive nights May 14 - 18.

System-wide, NYC Transit's weeknight ridership is approximately 250,000. The closures affect from 10% to 15% of those riders depending on the line segment.