Staten Island Bus Customers To Get SBS

In a continuation of the ongoing effort to improve and upgrade bus travel throughout the City, the MTA will roll out Select Bus Service (SBS) along the S79 this September.

Staten Island Bus Time image

The route, which travels along Hylan Boulevard --- the busiest bus corridor on Staten Island --- carries 8,900 customers on an average weekday and serves as a major link between the Staten Island Mall and the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn.

SBS is a high-performance bus system incorporating the efficiency features of light-rail transit without the limitations and capital expense of a fixed-rail system. A resounding success along the three corridors where SBS is currently in operation, the introduction of SBS to Staten Island is expected to reduce travel times by 20 percent between the Staten Island Mall and Bay Ridge.

Designated bus lanes, traffic signal priority, fewer stops and easily identifiable low-floor buses will combine to create a substantial improvement in bus travel times. Like the other areas where SBS has been introduced, customers will benefit from improved service reliability and the improvements will also be shared by the users of other routes traveling along the corridor.

Unlike SBS in the Bronx and Manhattan, however, the S79 will not have off-board fare collection. A study of the route shows that boarding times are relatively short because boarding patterns are highly dispersed.

Along the route, S79 riders can connect with R train at 86th Street, in Brooklyn, the Staten Island Railway at the Eltingville Station and express and local buses at the Eltingville Transit Center.

While the S79 SBS will replace S79 local service, local service will continue to be provided on Richmond Avenue by the S59 and along Hylan Boulevard by the S78.