Free WiFi Through September at Six Subway Stations

<p>Free WiFi is available through September 7 in six subway stations in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.</p>
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The pioneering project -; sponsored by Google offers and provided by Boingo Wireless -; keeps New York straphangers connected to the latest news, information and fun and is part of <a href="">Transit Wireless's</a> contract with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to provide wireless service in 270 underground subway stations, including both cellular DAS networks and Wi-Fi infrastructure.</p>
Riders can maintain their digital lifestyle -; connecting to the Internet with smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other wireless devices while waiting for a train at six Chelsea stations. Users should look for the "Free Boingo WiFi" SSID to make sure they're connecting to the official subway network.</p>
In 2012, cell phone, data and Wi-Fi access from Transit Wireless and Boingo will expand to 30 additional stations on Manhattan's West Side, including Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Columbus Circle. Wireless services ultimately will be available to 1.6 billion annual riders at more than 270 underground stations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens.</p>
The subway system would become New York City's largest Wi-Fi hotzone and each underground station will serve as a digital oasis where riders can find reliable, easy-to-use Internet access.</p>
"We're glad our riders will be able to access free WiFi this summer in six subway stations to stay connected while they're underground," said MTA Director of Strategic Initiatives Jerome Page. "Reliable WiFi underground is an important benefit for straphangers in New York City subway stations."</p>
Subway stations where Wi-Fi is available are:</p>
<li>[a][c][e] at 14 St</li>
<li>[l] at 8 Av</li>
<li>[c][e] at 23 St</li>
<li>[1][2][3] at 14 St</li>
<li>[f][m] at 14 St</li>
<li>[l] at 6 Av</li>
Under agreements with the MTA and Transit Wireless, AT&amp;T and T-Mobile customers can now use their cell phones and also send and receive wireless data messages from these stations.</p>
As part of the service, E911 also provides added security underground with uninterrupted access to 911 and the ability for 911 dispatchers to know when a call is being placed at street level or underground in the subway. </p>