MTA Bus Time<sup style="font-size:70%;">&#174;</sup> Coming to the B61

<p>Beginning July 1st, MTA Bus Time<sup>&#174;</sup> will be available to customers who ride the B61 in Brooklyn.</p>
Bus Time alerts riders to the status of their commute in real time, with actual bus locations available on the web, by text message and on smartphones. Bus Time is already in place borough-wide in Staten Island, on the M34/M34A SBS in Manhattan, and was originally introduced along the B63 in February 2011.</p>
<p><div style="float:left; margin-right:10px; margin-bottom:10px;"><img src="/sites/default/files/archive/imgs/Bus_Time.jpg" alt="MTA Bus Time Logo"></div>
B63 customers who have been using Bus Time since last year should note the new text code to receive real-time bus information is 511123. </p>
"Bus riders in Brooklyn, especially our customers in Red Hook will be thrilled with MTA Bus Time," said NYC Transit President Thomas F. Prendergast. "Having real-time bus arrival information in the palm of your hands will go a long way towards improving the customer experience. We look forward to bringing Bus Time to all of our customers city-wide by the end of 2013."</p>
In order to inform B61 riders of the new service, the MTA initiated a campaign several weeks ago that consisted of:</p>
<li>Bus Interior Car Cards;</li>
<li>Bi-lingual brochure (English/Spanish);</li>
<li>Front ad placement;</li>
<li>Bus tail ad placement;</li>
<li>King size (side of bus) ad placement</li>
MTA Bus Time takes the guesswork out of waiting for the next bus through the use of enhanced global positioning system (GPS) devices installed on buses. The GPS triangulates bus locations in real time. Accessible through cell phones and other electronic devices, all bus customers have to do is text a code that will be prominently displayed at their bus stop. They will immediately receive a return text with the real-time locations of the next several buses.</p>
Electronically-savvy customers can also use their smartphones to snap a picture of a two-dimensional QR (Quick Response) code installed at every stop. A barcode-reading app, available free of charge, can then interpret this information, and take you directly to our mobile website.</p>
The MTA Bus Time website, is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. The site presents map-based moving images representing the real-time location of every bus in service. The same information is available through smartphones, on a simplified website designed specifically for mobile phone browsers.</p>