Nearly 65,000 Sold! That's E-ZPass 'On-the-Go' Tags, Not Burgers

In the year since the program to sell E-ZPass®On-the-Go tags in cash lane began, nearly 65,000 tags have been sold, with most sold in just the last three months after the program was expanded to include all nine MTA crossings.

Photo of Toll Plaza

"The program has succeeded beyond our wildest expectations and is proof that motorists understand the value of using MTA E-ZPass and love the convenience of being able to pick one up in any cash lane," said Bridges and Tunnels President Jim Ferrara. An MTA E-ZPass helps motorists save time and money, keeps traffic moving and helps reduces emissions from idling vehicles.

A pilot program to sell On-the-Go tags in cash lanes began at the Henry Hudson Bridge on June 27, 2011 and as of June 30 th this year, a total of 64,810 On-the-Go tags have been sold. The program was expanded to other crossings in March and April of this year.

The Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, which operates two toll plazas; one in the Bronx and the other in Manhattan, is the overall leader in sales of On-the-Go tags with 15,200 sold through June 2012. Saturdays typically have the highest number of sales, and the first Saturday after On-the-Go began sales in March a record 335 tags were sold.

The Throgs Neck Bridge has the next highest sales with 13,183 sold in less than four months. The best day at the Throgs Neck was the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend when 266 OTG tags were sold.

Other highlights include:

  • Nearly 10,000 On-the-Go tags were sold at the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge since March.
  • As beach weather approaches, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge has seen sales increase and has the fastest growing sales among the nine crossings, averaging almost 90 tags daily in June.
  • The two Rockaway crossings, Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial and Cross Bay Veterans Memorial bridges, are averaging about 500 On-the-Go tags a month, with sales heavier on good beach days.
  • Sales at the two tunnels are also continuing to grow with more than 4,000 sold at Queens Midtown Tunnel and more than 2,300 at the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel.

Motorists can pick up an E-ZPass On-the-Go tag in any cash lane for $30, plus the cash toll for that trip and use it beginning with the next trip to pay up to $30 worth of tolls if linked to a credit or debit card or $20 in tolls and a $10 tag deposit if it is not. The tag must be registered within 48 hours of its first use by going to or calling a toll free number at 1-800-697-1554. If the tag is not registered once used, it is deactivated.

While most customers prefer the convenience of using a credit or debit card, the new MTA Reload Card allows those who prefer cash to replenish their accounts at thousands of Visa ReadyLink locations throughout the region. To learn more about the Reload Card and how to use it click here.

E-ZPass was introduced at all MTA crossings in 1996 and is used by 80 percent of motorists at MTA crossings, or an average 615,000 drivers daily.