Doing the Right Thing: Bus Operator Returns Lost Wallet to Customer

When Elisabeth Ponsot left her wallet aboard a QM6 earlier this week, she thought she would never see it again. Luckily, she regularly rides a bus operated by Paul Liguori.

34-year veteran Bus Operator Paul Liguori

Elisabeth, a regular rider on the QM6, left her wallet on Liguori's bus on Monday. She realized her wallet had gone missing upon arriving to work. During a layover and inspection of his bus at 6th Avenue and 36th Street, Liguori discovered the lost wallet. He checked to see who it belonged to and immediately recognized that the wallet was the property of a regular rider on his bus. Since he anticipated seeing Elisabeth again the next morning, Liguori and a supervisor decided that he should try to reunite Elisabeth with her wallet the next day.

And sure enough....

Elisabeth boarded the same bus the next morning at Union Turnpike and was greeted by Bus Operator Liguori.

"Before she uttered a word, I said, 'Yup, I got it,'" recounted Liguori.

To her amazement, Elisabeth was reunited with her wallet and all of its contents. "Who says New Yorkers aren't nice," she said.

To Paul Liguori, who's been operating a bus for 34 years, it's just another day on the job, glad that he was able to reunite a happy customer with her belongings.