All Metro-North peak hour trains now have a Quiet Car!

The LAST car on all AM peak trains and the FIRST car on all PM peak trains are for customers who don’t want to hear cell phones, loud conversations, beeps, buzzes or oddball ringtones.

Customers love quiet cars. In a survey, 92% of the respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the "CALMmute" program.

Quiet cars are a hit. People have quickly adapted to the new etiquette. With people working longer hours and with the proliferation of electronic devices, the need for quiet cars has never been greater. Metro-North is delighted to offer this new amenity to all rush hour customers in both New York and Connecticut.

The program is voluntary in nature. Customers can converse in the quiet car but they must use subdued voices. However conductors will issue "Shh!" cards to customers who are non-compliant.

In addition, announcements will be made informing and reminding customers of the location of the quiet car and its restrictions.

The use of electronic devices in the quiet car will be prohibited including cell phones, iPods, DVD players, laptops, etc. unless the device can be used in a manner that does not create any noise. If headphones are used, they must be at a volume that cannot be heard by others.