Trash Can Free Station Pilot Expands

Due to positive results shown over the past several months, MTA New York City Transit is expanding the pilot program to remove trash cans from stations.

The pilot originated in two stations with the goal of reducing the number of exposed trash bags that would have to be removed from the system and to help control the rodent population in the subway. We're asking riders who use the ten stations covered by the expanded pilot to be part of the solution by taking their trash with them out of the system for disposal.

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NYC Transit removes 14,000 tons of trash from the subway annually. However, the trash sometimes accumulates in storage rooms and on platforms while waiting to be removed. We have taken several steps to make the trash bags less accessible to rodents, including adding more frequent refuse train collections, reinforcing storage rooms and using new, tamper-proof receptacles, but the problem still persists.

Last fall, in an effort to find a new way to deal with the issue, we removed trash cans from two subway stations, 8th Street R Subway and Flushing-Main Street 7 Subway. During that pilot, we reduced the number of trash bags by 67% at Main Street and by 50% at 8th Street. Cleanliness improved and there was no increase in track fires.

In order to get a better understanding of the impact of removing trash cans from stations, NYC Transit will begin a larger pilot for six months at eight more stations -; two in each of the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens -; to determine if this program should continue. The locations were chosen to represent average-sized stations both elevated and underground. Notices were posted in all affected stations beginning Monday, August 20. The eight additional stations are:


  • 238th Street 1 Subway station
  • East 143rd Street 6 Subway station


  • 57th Street F Subway station
  • Rector Street 1 Subway station


  • 7th Avenue F SubwayG Subway station
  • Brighton Beach B SubwayQ Subway station


  • 111th Street A Subway station
  • 65th Street M SubwayR Subway station

During the next six months, these stations will be closely monitored and the results will be analyzed.