2012 Survey Shows 85 Percent Satisfied With B&T

Customer satisfaction at MTA Bridges and Tunnels' seven bridges and two tunnels rose five percentage points to 85 percent in 2012 thanks to increases in safety and security, road signs and road conditions.

Of the 85 percent, 28 percent said they were very satisfied and 57 percent were satisfied.

B&T 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey image

Among the largest increases was satisfaction with electronic signs, which rose to 78 percent satisfaction in 2012, up from 72 percent in 2011 and 69 percent in 2010. New electronic travel time signs telling motorists how long it is expected to take to reach key regional destinations and connecting highways were put in place at MTA crossings in 2011.

"The survey results are good news for the agency and the motorists who use MTA Bridges and Tunnels crossings," said B&T President Jim Ferrara, "and shows that our efforts to give customers timely, useful information is working."

In addition to travel signs, customers gave higher satisfaction scores in 2012 to safety and security (up 3 points to 92 percent); road conditions (up 6 points to 80 percent) and ease of crossing, which among other things includes number of toll booths, and predictability of travel time (up 2 points to 79 percent.) Personnel performance remained steady at 85 percent.

Individual ratings at B&T crossings ranged from 77 percent at the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge to 92 percent at the Queens Midtown Tunnel.

In general, customer satisfaction is lower wherever Capital construction projects are being done. This appears to be the case at the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge, where a four-year $212 million project on the bridge's Bronx approach was just completed. The 77 percent satisfaction rating at the Bronx-Whitestone is significantly higher than 2011's 58 percent rating.

A total of 3,363 participants completed the surveys, which were distributed to cash customers in B&T toll plazas, mailed to E-ZPass customers and emailed to select past participants in B&T research projects.