Survey: 93% of Metro-North Customers Are Satisfied

Satisfaction Rebounds in 2012; Ties Highest Rating Ever

The 93% overall satisfaction rating represents a return to the 2010 performance following a disappointing 2011 when just 89% of customers said they were satisfied.

The high mark was in both the East of Hudson and West of Hudson markets.

Photo of M8 Train

Of the 93% satisfied, 40% said they were actually "very satisfied!"

In the category of on-time performance, satisfaction increased to 91% in 2012 from 88% in 2011, which was plagued by severe weather.

Satisfaction among AM and PM peak customers returned to its 2010 level of 92%, and the percentage of customers who are very satisfied with Metro-North's peak service grew to 38%.

Among weekend customers, 96% were satisfied and 44% were very satisfied, both figures higher than in 2010.

Although satisfaction among weekday off-peak customers is down minimally to 94% compared to 2010, the percent who are very satisfied climbed to 43%.

Overall satisfaction on the Hudson Line was 96%, on the Harlem Line 97% and on the New Haven Line 88%, each rebounding to 2010 levels.

On the West of Hudson lines, the Pascack Valley rebounded to 93% satisfaction and on the Port Jervis Line, 92% of customers were satisfied overall, up from 84% in 2010 and 2011, its highest level ever.

This improvement is attributable to goodwill generated by Metro-North's swift rebuilding of the Port Jervis Line following Tropical Storm Irene.

The surveys were conducted in June of this year.