Trip Planner+ Now Shows Real Time Service Info

The MTA's TripPlanner+ now gives you real-time information about any service disruptions that could affect the subways, buses or railroad trains you'd need to use on your trip.

TripPlanner+ image

"This one change means that TripPlanner+ moves from being essentially a static service that lets customers plan trips in an idealized abstract universe to one that understands and acknowledges how our system is working in real time," said Paul J. Fleuranges, Senior Director for Corporate and Internal Communications. "Our customers asked for this, and we're delivering."

And TripPlanner+, which is in the upper right-hand corner of our homepage, has two new tabs -; "Service in the Area," and "Schedules." By clicking on the "Service in the Area" tab, you can type in an address, intersection or landmark. You'll immediately see a list of subway, bus and railroad routes that are nearby. Meanwhile, the new "Schedules" tab puts train and bus schedules for any MTA service just one click away.

Here's how the new real-time service disruption information appears: Let's say you are at New York Presbyterian Hospital and you want to go to the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. Normally the fastest way to make that trip is aboard the A train, which runs express making only two intermediate stops. Now let's say that the A line was experiencing delays as a result of a stalled train underneath Central Park West. If you use the MTA's TripPlanner+ to plan a trip, bold red letters in your proposed trip plans will indicate that taking the A train is experiencing delays. That way, you might decide to take the 1 local train to make the same trip, as suggested by an alternate itinerary.

"Our overall goal is to get useful information into the hands of our customers as quickly and easily as possible," Fleuranges said. "TripPlanner+ is probably the most powerful tool on our homepage, and now we've expanded it and made it even more useful."