MTA Bridges & Tunnels Prepared For Storm

MTA Crossings Remain Open Sunday

MTA Bridges and Tunnels' seven bridges and two tunnels will remain open Sunday evening. Closures will be determined on a case by case basis based on high winds, rainfall and roadway conditions.

MTA Bridges and Tunnels urges motorists to drive at reduced speeds when roadways are wet, and pay close attention to posted electronic messages for important information. If there are sustained winds of 50 mph or more in dry or wet conditions, certain vehicles will be barred from using MTA crossings. These include motorcycles, tractor trailers, step vans, mini buses, trucks with open backs, cars pulling trailers, motor homes and vehicles carrying plate glass.

In a wind event where there are sustained high winds of 60 mph or more, a bridge may need to be closed. It will reopen once conditions subside. A crossing may also be closed if there are sustained winds below 60 mph coupled with rain that could impair driving visibility. Motorists are urged check the MTA Service Status box at for updates regarding MTA crossings.