Lost or Stolen MetroCard? File a Claim Online

The MTA is making it easier to file a claim if the 30-day unlimited MetroCard® or 7-day Express Bus Plus MetroCard you purchased with a credit or debit card at an MTA vending machine is ever lost or stolen. Now, in addition to calling 511, you have the option to file a claim online directly on the MTA's website.

MetroCard image

To file a claim, visit the MetroCard eFix website at efixmetrocard.mtanyct.info and click on “Balance Protection Claim.” If your claim is successful, the MTA will refund the fare you paid to buy the card, proportionate to the amount of time you had left on the card.

“If your MetroCard was lost or stolen and you want to file a claim after-hours or on the weekend, the website is the best way to speed up the process,” said Paul J. Fleuranges, MTA Senior Director of Corporate and Internal Communications, who oversees the eFix website. “This is one more way that the MTA is making it easier to interact with us. Now you can file a claim whenever it is convenient for you.”

MetroCard eFix was launched in June 2011 and has been expanded multiple times, adding new functionality each time. On average, MTA staff are able to rectify requests within six days for claims accepted via eFix. From January through November of this year, the MTA has received 9,831 claims related to malfunctioning MetroCards or machines via the eFix website, which works out to 894 claims per month. Since October when the eFix website began accepting claims for lost or stolen MetroCards, customers have submitted 3,800 claims. Customers who file a Balance Protection claim using eFix will still be contacted to complete the transaction.

The MTA prints approximately 9 million MetroCards a month, and has a ridership of approximately 200 million trips per month on subways, buses, and the Staten Island Railway.