Rockaway Transfer Window Extended

To make traveling easier for commuters who live in the Rockaways but need to travel to other parts of Queens, to Brooklyn or Manhattan, MTA Bus Company, New York City Transit and Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) have made the necessary software changes to allow three legged (one-fare) transfers and a three-hour transfer period between some buses and subways.

"The Rockaway peninsula was among the hardest hit areas in the region and we know that it will not be business as usual for some time to come,” said Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in announcing the new transfer policy. “We hope that temporarily amending the transfer policy will make it easier to get around and make the trip more convenient for commuters," Governor Cuomo said.

Photo of H Shuttle Train at Beach 90th St Station
H Subway Line Symbol Shuttle Train at Beach 90th St Station

The new period for transfers from any subway station to the Q22, Q113, N31, N32 and N33 bus routes has been extended to three hours. Also, three legged (one fare) transfers are now allowed on the following trips in both directions:

  • Flatbush Avenue-Brooklyn college 2 Subway5 Subway station/to the Q35/to the Q22
  • Rockaway Boulevard A Subway station/to the Q52 or Q53/to the Q22

Since Superstorm Sandy destroyed the A Subway line connection to the Rockaway Peninsula, the MTA has provided free shuttle buses between the Howard Beach A Subway station and Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue A Subway station. In addition, a free H Subway Line Symbol shuttle train service was implemented between the Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue and Beach 90th Street stations.

Despite these two free services, many riders found themselves paying two fares because by the time a subway rider swiped onto a peninsula bus, more than the approximate two hour-transfer period had elapsed.

These changes will remain in place until normal A service to the Rockaways is completely restored, which is currently estimated to be an extended period of time.