MTA Rolls Out Newest Vehicles in Bus Fleet with Wi-Fi, USB Ports

Gov. Cuomo unveiled new buses for Queens, the Bronx
Gov. Cuomo unveils new SBS bus design with Wi-Fi, USB ports

Are you a bus customer in the Bronx or Queens? If so, you're cordially invited to take a ride on the newest buses in the MTA New York City Transit bus fleet.

The first of 43 new buses for Select Bus Service (SBS) have arrived in the Bronx and the Queens, with a distinct sleek new look and expanded customer amenities such as Wi-Fi service and USB charging ports conveniently located throughout the vehicles. These new articulated buses, recognizable by the bright blue color and its accordion connection, will serve the Q44SBS route, which operates in Queens and the Bronx out of the Casey Stengel Depot. Four have been delivered, and 22 more of these new SBS buses will arrive by April. An additional 21 new SBS buses will arrive between July and August, for a total of 43.

MTA New York City Transit plans to add a total of 83 new buses with these modern amenities this year to replace buses currently in use on routes throughout the Bronx. The rest of these new buses will be put into service by Christmas this year and will be based out of the West Farms and Kingsbridge Depots in the Bronx. Customers in Queens have already benefitted from 75 new buses that were into service last year.

The new buses are part of the Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's initiative to revitalize MTA bus operations, which includes plans to add more than 2,042 state-of-the-art new buses to the fleet over the course of five years. These new buses will replace nearly 40 percent of the MTA’s current fleet and represent a $1.3 billion investment of Capital Program resources. The MTA also is in the process of upgrading the current bus fleet with Wi-Fi and USB charging ports with the goal of retrofitting all express buses with these amenities by the end of 2017.

MTA is rolling out new buses with Wi-Fi and USB charging ports in the Bronx
MTA is rolling out new buses with Wi-Fi and USB charging ports in the Bronx