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Press Release
October 23, 2017
E-ZPass Usage on MTA Crossings at All Time High
91% of Motorists Pay MTA Bridges and Tunnels Tolls with E-ZPass; Sign Up For Mobile Alerts to Receive Important E-ZPass Account Information

MTA Bridges and Tunnels today announced that E-ZPass usage at its seven bridges and two tunnels is at an all-time high, with 91% of motorists currently paying their tolls with E-ZPass. With the implementation of Cashless Tolling, E-ZPass is the most convenient and cost effective way to pay tolls and the agency is making it easier than ever to manage and maintain an E-ZPass account.

Through a public outreach campaign, MTA Bridges and Tunnels is proactively reaching out to its customers to recommend they sign up for Mobile Alerts to receive email and/or text messages of important information regarding their E-ZPass account. This service sends notifications for low balances, failed payments, successful replenishments, increased replenishment amounts, and payment method expirations.

Customers can log in to their account at, go to Account Profile, and opt in to Mobile Alerts. Customers must have an email address and/or cell phone number listed on their account to receive alerts. MTA Bridges and Tunnels adheres to a strict privacy policy and does not share this information with outside parties except as required by law.

“We would like to take this moment to remind our customers that E-ZPass is simply the best way to experience our facilities in a Cashless Tolling environment,” said MTA Bridges and Tunnels President Cedrick Fulton. "Through a variety of options, we are making it more convenient for customers to check on their E-ZPass account, while at the same time giving them more control over how much and where they replenish an account."

The agency recommends customers mount their E-ZPass inside the vehicle’s front windshield and list their license plate number on their E-ZPass account, so in the rare event that their tag is not read properly, an E-ZPass toll can be charged to their account without a toll bill.

E-ZPass accounts can be funded in several different ways. The most popular is automatic replenishment with a credit/debit card or automatic deductions from a bank account. MTA customers who don't like pre-paying for tolls, maintaining a minimum balance or providing a credit card, can also choose MTA's Pay Per Trip plan. This plan allows you to link a checking account to your E-ZPass account to pay for trips as you take them.

Those customers who prefer cash can use the MTA Reload Card to conveniently refill accounts at any of the 2,500 Visa ReadyLink locations throughout the region or pay in cash at one of our three regional walk-in service centers. The MTA Reload Card is not a credit card; it simply identifies the E-ZPass account that receives the cash reload.

If a customer does not have an E-ZPass and drives through a Cashless Tolling facility, the registered vehicle owner will receive a Toll Bill in the mail. Drivers who receive a bill can pay it online at the Tolls By Mail website, by mail, over the phone, or in-person, and payment options include check, credit card, bank account, or cash. Customers who call **826 from most mobile devices will receive a text with a link to the Tolls By Mail website and information on how to set up a Pay Toll Now account that can be used by rental car customers.

Customers can visit and sign up to save 30%-50% on MTA tolls even if they do not own a car. E-ZPass tags can also be purchased at local New York DMV offices.

For additional information on Cashless Tolling and E-ZPass, please visit or call 1-800-333-8655(TOLL).