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Press Release
October 17, 2017
Henry Hudson Bridge Upper and Lower Level Roadway Rehabilitation

Starting October 20th, MTA Bridges and Tunnels will commence work to rehabilitate the upper and lower level roadways of the Henry Hudson Bridge. A signature part of this project will be the removal of columns and toll islands from the old toll plaza on the lower level roadway, which will improve traffic flow and allow for a smoother ride across the bridge.

This work will initially close one lane on the northbound Henry Hudson Parkway from the Dyckman Street entrance up till the area of the former toll plaza leading to the bridge starting October 20th, followed by a traffic pattern shift on the southbound lower level in November. Work will then proceed concurrently on both levels in January 2018, requiring the closure of one lane in each direction, with two lanes always remaining open in both directions. The lower level pedestrian walkway will also be closed at this time and a free shuttle service will be provided from March to December to carry pedestrians and cyclists.

The $86 million project will replace the last remaining sections of the 1930s era roadway decks and supporting structures. It is anticipated that this work will impact the traffic pattern for 19 months.

The Henry Hudson Bridge opened in 1936 and it connects northern Manhattan to the Bronx. When it opened, it was the longest plate girder arch and fixed arch bridge in the world. Originally built with only one level, the bridge's design allowed for the construction of a second level if traffic demands increased. Within a year and a half the upper level was opened. The upper level carries northbound traffic and the lower southbound traffic.

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