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Press Release
April 1, 2009
Train Service to MTA Metro-North Railroad's Newest Station Yankees – E. 153rd Street Begins Saturday May 23, 2009
On-Time and On-Budget Station Project Continues in Partnership with the City of New York

With station construction on schedule, MTA Metro-North Railroad today announced that train service to the new Yankees – E.153rd Street Station will begin on Saturday May 23, 2009, with regular daily service 365 days a year and special game day schedules too.

Train service begins exactly 24 months after the design-build contract was signed.

"A two-year construction schedule for such a complex project is very aggressive and we are gratified that all those involved in the job worked hard to keep it on time and on budget," said Metro-North President Howard Permut. "Never in Metro-North history has a major station project been completed so fast."

The four tracks of the Hudson Line had to be spread out to allow construction of two, extra-wide island platforms. The tracks had to literally snake between the columns supporting the Major Deegan Expressway and Exterior Street. The project was working in tight quarters with tracks, a manufacturing business practically touching the overpass and several large retail construction projects underway in close proximity. Once the track work was complete, foundations and platforms had to be built, staircases added, elevator towers erected along with constructing a 450-foot-long, 25-foot wide overpass and a 10,000 square foot mezzanine.

All this was done while maintaining regular Hudson Line train service with no impact on on-time performance. In 2008, the Hudson Line achieved an on-time performance of 97.6%.

Although construction continues, the pedestrian overpass will be open, as planned, for exhibition games on April 3 and 4 and for all home games before the station officially opens for train service. This accommodation will allow fans to use the riverside parking lots and still cross over the tracks to access the new stadium.

After the train station opens, the overpass will be open at all times for access to train platforms and so that the local community can reach the new riverfront park that is taking shape along the Harlem River.

The station will be a regular local stop on the Hudson Line for Bronx residents and visitors, with the same frequency of service as all Bronx local stops - hourly service in the off-peaks and about every 20 minutes during the peaks. It will be served by 23 southbound and 27 north bound trains each weekday. The trip to Grand Central is just 15 minutes!

On regular weekdays, Metro-North is estimating up to 400 people a day will use the station, about half of whom will drive and park in the commuter garage right off the Major Deegan and the rest will be local Bronx residents. It is expected that most Bronx customers will use the railroad to travel north to employment centers in Yonkers and Tarrytown.

On game days, when up to 10,000 people are expected to use the station, there will be added service in addition to regular daily Hudson Line service.

For weekday day and night games there will be a nearly continuous shuttle service between Grand Central and the new station, with one stop at Harlem-125th Street Station.

For a 7 p.m. weekday game, for example, regular Hudson Line service to Yankees-E. 153rd Street Station will be supplemented by a shuttle service so as not to interfere with the normal evening rush hour. But after night games, direct trains to Harlem and New Haven stations will operate taking people to their home station. In addition, extra trains will operate on the Hudson Line with direct service from the new station. The shuttle to Harlem-125th Street and Grand Central Terminal also will operate every 20 minutes.

On weekends and holidays, both afternoon and evening games will be served by direct trains to and from the Harlem and New Haven lines. Extra trains also will operate on the Hudson Line with direct service to the new station. Continuous shuttles to/from Grand Central also will operate.

Just as train scheduling has been challenging, there were some tough and complex, multi-party real estate transactions that had to be completed before Metro-North could begin construction. The last deal was signed in late May 2007 and a design-build contract was awarded to CCA Civil Inc. / Halmar International LLC on May 23, 2007. The contract calls for the final completion, when all the trailers and equipment etc. are off the property, by August 23, 2009.

Introduction of this station represents Metro-North's continued commitment and contribution to the revitalization of The Bronx, and the railroad's ongoing partnership efforts with the City of New York. The $91 million project was funded jointly with MTA Metro-North Railroad contributing $52 million and the City contributing $39 million.

One-way, round-trip, peak and off-peak tickets, ten-trip tickets go on sale May 1. June monthly tickets go on sale May 20. For travel on the Hudson Line, the fare to the new station is the same as the fare to any Bronx Hudson Line Station. For travel to and from the new station from Harlem or New Haven line stations is a new, slightly higher "via" fare, which will allow transfers at Grand Central Terminal or Harlem-125th Street Station for $1 during peak hours and 75 cents in the off-peak. All fares are subject to change June 1.

Holders of any monthly or weekly commutation ticket (Hudson, Harlem or New Haven) pay no addition fare for travel to the new station.