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Press Release
May 19, 2014
Trains Are Great, But Sometimes You’ve Gotta Have Wheels
Metro-North Seeks Car Rental Vendor
MTA Metro-North Railroad is seeking a company to provide car sharing and/or car rental services at outlying stations to improve station access and help New Yorkers get out of town.
The idea is that Metro-North customers will be able to reserve vehicles on an as-needed basis via the internet or by telephone, pick up the car at the designated station, use it, return it and hop back on the train.
“Savvy New Yorkers know the value of using the train to get a head start out of town on summer and holiday weekends,” said Metro-North President Joseph Giulietti.  “Beat traffic by taking the train to the car!”
This service is currently provided by Enterprise Rent-a-Car, whose contract soon expires.  To view the stations where rentals are available and for details about the program, click here.
Rental cars provide a convenient, integrated mobility system emanating from train stations, increase access to local communities beyond walking or taxi distance from stations and promote off-peak ridership and leisure travel through cross marketing.
By making multimodal easy, Metro-North hopes to ensure it remains the primary mode of choice for travel in the service territory while generating revenue and goodwill for the railroad.
Vehicles will be positioned at stations where Metro-North owns and/or has rights to the parking lots or nearby locations with permanent parking available.  Cars also could be delivered to stations in conjunction with a car rental kiosk or hone based at the station.
Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 6, 2014.