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February 4, 2020
MTA Advances ‘Late-Shift’ Pilot Program to Connect New Yorkers In Outer Boroughs to Public Transit
Agency Requests Proposals from Shared-Mobility Companies Seeking to Connect Riders with Subway During Overnight Hours, Outside of Manhattan

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced it has issued a request for proposals from transportation companies to advance the “Late-Shift” pilot program to improve mobility for New Yorkers working the late shift by connecting them with the subway system outside of Manhattan during overnight hours.

Late shift employment, often in major industries such as healthcare, food services, and hospitality/leisure, is expected to grow faster than the overall economy over the next five to 10 years. The subway system operates 24/7, positioning New York to attract investment in these industries and stimulate job creation.

The MTA is seeking companies that have the potential to offer shared-mobility services connecting New Yorkers who are traveling during the overnight hours with the subway system. Real-time train arrival data and OMNY, the MTA’s new tap-and-go fare payment system, may offer further complementary ways to create seamless overnight travel.

“With increasing numbers of people moving away from the traditional 9-5 Manhattan-centric work schedule, we want the MTA to evolve to best support New York’s continually diversifying economy,” said MTA Chief Innovation Officer Mark Dowd. “We are seeking to leverage new mobility technologies to enable more New Yorkers to benefit from the public transportation network during the overnight hours, and to enhance the experience of overnight subway customers in low-cost ways.”

The request-for-proposals process will begin by looking at areas in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island that are more than a half-mile from the nearest subway station and have limited bus service with arrivals less frequent than every 20 minutes overnight. Criteria for participating subway stations will be evaluated throughout the course of the request for proposals process.

The shared mobility “late-shift” request for proposal is being conducted in two phases. Phase I will center on data collection and analysis to determine the structure of the pilot. During Phase II, the location, timeframe and business terms of the pilot program will be determined. The deadline for submission of Phase I proposals is Feb. 18. Phase 2 is expected to begin in early March. The MTA anticipates selecting a “late-shift” pilot program partner by the end of March 2020.

Quote Sheet

New York State Assembly Speaker Carl E. Heastie said: “The advancement of the ‘Late Shift’ pilot program illustrates the MTA’s dedication to making affordable, reliable, transportation accessible to all within NYC. Residents of the outer boroughs of NYC have often struggled during late nights and weekends as trains and buses become less frequent during these periods. The proposed changes put forth by this program will enhance the travel experience for commuters, getting them to their destination despite the time of day.”

Congressman Max Rose said: "I’m glad to see that the MTA is moving forward with microtransit and other innovative transit solutions, particularly in transit deserts such as Staten Island and South Brooklyn. My constituents need access to mass transit around the clock and if they finally get a credible option between accessible mass transit and the nightmare that is their daily commute today, we’ll see decreased congestion, increased ridership, and increased investments in our mass transit network. I hope that the MTA expands on what I expect to be a successful pilot with service for all commuters, not just late-night."

Senator Leroy Comrie said: “Outer borough transit riders, especially those who work late shifts, are weary of the MTA's late night bus and subway service. I am pleased to see leadership stepping up to confront this problem head on and creatively. There is a lot for us to consider at this point, and for such a program to be successful, it must be tailored to meet the specific transportation needs of outer borough neighborhoods while utilizing all existing transportation resources.”

Senator Diane Savino said: “It gives a whole new meaning to the slogan ‘MTA going your way.’ It’s a much needed boost for beleaguered outer borough residents who live in some of the most arid of transit deserts.”

Assemblyman Charles D. Fall said: “I commend the MTA for starting the request-for-proposal process for implementation of the “Late-Shift” pilot program. I stand committed and have always advocated for accessible modes of public transportation, especially for the North Shore of Staten Island. During this process, it’s critical that the residents and advocates are involved in the process. We all realize that we live in a fast-paced, around-the-clock lifestyle throughout New York City. This enhancement is one-step forward in the right direction toward getting commuters where they need to be at any time of day.”