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Press Release
June 20, 2017
MTA Announces LIRR Fare Reductions During Amtrak Construction at Penn Station
During Amtrak Summer Repair Work, MTA to Provide Discount Averaging 25% to Commuters Who Use Key Transfer Hubs at Atlantic Terminal and Hunterspoint Avenue; Discount to Remain in Place for Duration of Amtrak July-August Disruptions

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today responded to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s call for a discount for Long Island Rail Road riders as a result of Amtrak’s summer service cuts at Penn Station. The Long Island Rail Road will offer on average, a 25% fare reduction for all passengers traveling to Hunterspoint Avenue and Atlantic Terminal during Amtrak’s repair work. The discounts apply to all passengers traveling to Atlantic Terminal and Hunterspoint Avenue - including those on trains diverted to these stations from Penn Station. All LIRR riders will be given a free transfer during the morning rush to New York City subways at Atlantic Terminal and Hunterspoint Avenue which have direct and easy connections to multiple subway lines. The reductions – which are based on the distance passengers are traveling – will be in effect from July 10 to the completion of Amtrak repair work.

The discount will apply to monthly, weekly and daily tickets. Starting today, Tuesday, June 20, the discounted monthly tickets will be available via ticket windows, ticket vending machines and mail and ride. Discounted tickets will be available via MTA eTix starting on July 1.

“Governor Cuomo has asked us to provide greater value to our customers while Amtrak conducts repairs this summer. In response we’re adding to the mitigation measures we’ve already announced by providing a discount that will give customers who travel to key transportation hubs an average discount of 25%,” said MTA Interim Director Ronnie Hakim. “We believe that this move will mitigate the inconvenience that our customers may experience, and have the added benefit of drawing customers away from Penn Station while Amtrak performs repair work.”

The discount will also be available to customers traveling to Long Island City, Nostrand Avenue and East New York.

The discounted fares are in addition to the previously released transportation plan that restores rush-hour commuter capacity to and from Manhattan, and alleviates anticipated delays and disruptions for LIRR commuters (link:

Free Subways Transfers During Morning Rush

As previously announced, LIRR ticket holders who take trains to Atlantic Terminal, Jamaica, and Hunterspoint Avenue will also be able to transfer to the subway for free during the morning rush hours.

At Atlantic Terminal riders will be able to use the 2 Subway3 Subway4 Subway5 SubwayB SubwayD SubwayN SubwayQ SubwayR Subway.

At Hunterspoint Avenue riders will be able to use the 7 Subway.

At Jamaica riders will be able to use the E SubwayJ SubwayZ Subway.

Customer Outreach

The MTA is alerting customers to the discount through a wide range of platforms, including e-mails alerts; twitter messages; Facebook posts; electronic signs located in outlying stations; electronic message boards located in key terminals, including Penn Station, Jamaica Station and Atlantic Terminal; messaging on the Train Time app. In addition ticket clerks will alert customers to the discount at ticket windows.

Mail and Ride customers will receive an email letting them know that they can return unused mail and ride tickets for a full credit by simply placing the unused tickets in the return envelope, and placing it in Mail and Ride drop box at Penn Station, Atlantic Terminal or Jamaica Station. They can then purchase a discounted ticket to Atlantic Terminal or Hunterspoint Avenue at a ticket window or a ticket vending machine.