MTA Press Releases

Press Release
January 14, 2021
Statement from MTA Chairman and CEO Patrick J. Foye

“President-elect Biden has always been an ardent supporter of mass transit, and we’re gratified to see it continues to be one of his key priorities as he prepares to take office next week. The American Rescue Plan is a strong start that will make significant investments in agencies hit hardest by COVID, such as the MTA.

“I also thank the president-elect and Senator Schumer for fixing the policy preventing full FEMA reimbursement for our coronavirus pandemic-related expenses, such as our aggressive disinfecting program, and efforts to stockpile personal protective equipment and provide health screenings for our heroic employees.

“It’s clear the new administration believes in transit and understands that these investments will jumpstart our economic recovery. Because without a robust MTA powering New York’s revival, there can be no national rebound.”