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September 24, 2007
B83 Bus Extended to Gateway Center Mall Extension to Provide Direct Service

One-Seat Ride from Nearby Spring Creek Towers

The B83 bus route, which connects Broadway Junction, East New York and the Spring Creek Towers/Starrett City development in Brooklyn, will be extended into the Gateway Center Mall in Spring Creek beginning in November, NYC Transit announced today. The 0.9 mile extension from its current terminal on Seaview Avenue to the Gateway Center Mall will provide a one-bus trip for nearby residents, who currently have to transfer to other bus routes in order to reach the mall which is separated from the 14,000-resident complex by a canal.

"This route change, while relatively short in length will go a long way toward providing more and better service for our customers who rely on the B83 bus," said Elliot G. Sander, Metropolitan Transportation Authority Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. "Now residents of nearby Spring Creek Towers won't have to take three different buses to get to the mall to do their holiday shopping this season, which is going to be good news for the local economy and for our operations," added Sander.

When the extension is implemented in November, the B83 will provide direct access to the mall from the ACJLZ subway lines at Broadway Junction and the 3 line at the Pennsylvania Avenue station, as well as a direct connection between the Gateway Center Mall and the B6, B12, B14, B15, B20, B82, Q24 and Q56 bus routes.

"Making alterations to an existing bus route can be a complicated process, but extending the B83 will be an enormous benefit to Brooklyn shoppers," said MTA NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr. "The community is in favor of this change as are local elected officials. We want to make this happen and the employees and operators of the Gateway Center Mall support it, making it a true win-win proposition for everyone involved."

The B13 was extended to the mall in April 2003, shortly after the mall's 2002 opening. Ridership has steadily gained since then, when there were on average 240 weekday, 70 Saturday and 90 Sunday customer trips at the B13's terminal at the Brooklyn Development Center. Today, there are approximately 1,000 customer trips on weekdays and weekends.

NYC Transit is working with Related Companies - Gateway Center Mall's developer - to create an off-street bus terminal and layover facility for both the B83 and B13 bus route near the western end of the Mall. During design and construction, the B83 will end its route at the corner of Gateway Drive and Erskine Street which currently serves as the terminal for the B13.

Nearly 60,000 people who live within a quarter mile of the route will have one-bus access to the mall, which at 640,000 square feet is one of the largest malls in New York City. Extending the route will benefit the nearly two-thirds of households along the B83 route market that do not possess vehicles.

The new B83 extension will travel via the Belt Parkway, Erskine Street, Vandalia and Fountain Avenues, and Gateway Drive. Extending the B83 will increase annual operating expenses by $875,000. Over time, providing direct B83 service to Gateway Center Mall should result in an increase in ridership and revenue which will partially offset higher operating costs.